Changing Hearts and Minds

After two decades of fighting at the forefront of meaningful legal and policy change, the American Immigration Council will activate its mission statement in new and innovative ways to respond to deepening divides and harness the power of a new group of thinkers and doers not usually engaged on our issue.

Our newly formed Center for Inclusion and Belonging will activate our motto, “Honoring our Immigration Past, and Shaping our Immigration Future” in new ways and take us beyond the legal and policy work we’ve done for thirty years in order to drive systemic change. 

We will double down on our efforts to change hearts and minds towards those considered the “other” and build bridges across differences. We will invest in the genuine attitude and behavior changes our country desperately needs to heal and move towards a more united future.

The Center will launch and build campaigns and interventions that provide all people in America with unifying alternatives and experiences that reinforce their sense of connection, community, and shared destiny.

Our four pillars of work include: 

  • Trainings
  • Campaigns
  • Research
  • Community of Practice

Check back for more information about our developing work.

“We are committed to building a cohesive America where all people are welcomed and included. ”