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A Diverse Sisterhood of Strangers Showed Me How Pluralism Works

Two years ago, I joined a Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom local chapter in Manhattan. The Sisterhood brings together equal numbers of Jewish and Muslim women in intimate chapters of between 10-20 members, all across America.  The goal is to build personal bonds, improve knowledge and literacy about the two religions, dispel misconceptions, fight hate, and model how to live together with respect, dignity, and love. In short, participation in the Sisterhood transforms strangers into friends, and friends into sisters.

How Extreme Political Division Cripples a Democracy and What To Do About It

Entrenched polarization, i.e., extreme political division, is a fixture of public discourse and attitudes in America today. When the pandemic surfaced in March, many wondered whether it would foster greater solidarity across traditional fault lines and divides (e.g., red/blue, rural/urban, rich/poor U.S. born/immigrant), exacerbate existing divisions, or create new ones.

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October 1, 2002
In the aftermath of the horrific events of September 11, 2001, our leaders have begun exercising extraordinary powers to ensure our collective safety, sacrificing the personal liberties of some,...

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