Past Honorees

Richard Adams (2013)

LGBT Activist

Mohammad Akhter (2006)

NGO Non-Profit Leader

Loula Loi Alafoyiannis (2010)


Ben Ali (2010)

Businessman and Restaurantuer

Somy Ali (2011)

Actress and Activist

Shireen Alihaji (2013)

Video Producer

Leopoldo Alonso (2008)

Entrepreneur and humanitarian

Carlos Alvarez (2006)


Cesar Alvarez (2007)

Business Executive

Carlos Arredondo (2014)

Peace Activist

Jamal S. Baadani (2007)

U.S. Marine

Jorge Benach (2007)


Rais Bhuiyan (2014)

Peace Activist and IT Professional

Edward R. Braithwaite (2007)

Novelist, writer, teacher, and diplomat

Jeanne Butterfield  (2014)

Attorney and Advocate for Immigration Reform

Louis Caldera (2011)

Former United States Secretary of the Army

Rebecca Cammisa (2010)

Director and Producer

Moreno Carrasco (2007)

Teacher and Professor

Staceyann Chin (2013)

Poet and LGBT rights political activist

Cirque du Soleil (2009)

Performance Artists

Cristeta Comerford (2013)


Edwidge Danticat (2021)

Poet and Author

Norman Dreyfuss (2008)

Business Executive

Tommy Emmanuel (2012)


Fighting Youth Shouting Out for Humanity (2015)

Social Justice Youth Council

Stephen K. Fischel (2006)

Public Servant and Lawyer

Kendall Frederick (2006)

U.S. Army

Yousif Ghafari (2011)

Businessman, Engineer and Philanthropist

Donald E. Graham (2016)

Founder of DREAMer Scholarship Foundation

Jonathan Jayes Green (2011)

Immigrant and LGBT Advocate

Diane Guerrero (2015)


Ana Sol Gutierrez (2006)


Daniel Inouye (2011)

US Senator and US Soldier

Emmanuel Irono (2006)

Business Executive

Nadia Krupnikova (2007)


Yura Lee (2012)


Wallace Loh (2011)

University President

Carmen Lomas Garza (2006)


Alma Lopez (2006)

Chief Justice

Lourdes Lopez (2007)

Ballarina and Arts Administrator

Amadou Ly (2010)


Spruha Magodia (2008)


Suzette Brooks Masters  (2015)

Advocate for Immigration Reform

Mary Mazzio (2014)

Film director, olympian, and former law partner

George McPhee (2008)

Ice Hockey Executive

Eliseo Medina (2014)

Immigration Advocate and Activist

Rebecca and Hugo Medrano (2014)

Theatre Owners

Valdeta Mehanja (2020)

Military Servicemember

Deepa Mehta (2008)

Film Producer

Sonia Nazario (2016)


Esther Olivarria (2007)

Government Official and Attorney

Nandie Oosthuizen (2009)

Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur

Gaby Pacheco (2015)

Immigrant Rights Leader

PJ Pereira (2021)

Advertising Executive and Storyteller

Colin L. Powell (2013)

Diplomat and Military Leader

Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa (2012)

Surgeon, Author and Researcher

Carlos Santana (2009)


Homa Sarshar (2016)

Author, Activist and Journalist

Jane E. Shaw (2012)

Technology Executive

Astrid Silva (2014)

DREAMer Advocate

Vineet Singal (2012)

Co-Founder of Health Care Non-Profit

Aditya Sood (2015)

Youth Activist for Homeless

Southern Poverty Law Center (2009)

Legal Advocacy Organization

Anthony Sullivan (2013)

LGBT Activist

Armando Trull (2015)

Broadcast Journalist

Loung Ung (2011)


Jose Antonio Vargas (2013)

Journalist, Filmmaker, and Activist

Cesar Vargas (2016)

DREAMer Advocate

Vilcek Foundation (2012)

Foundation Honoring Immigrant Artists and Scientists

Victor Villasenor (2006)


Lawrence Weinig (2007)

Public Servant

Gerda Weissman Klein (2009)

Writer and Human Rights Activist

Belle Yang (2008)

Artist and Author

William Yates (2006)

Public Servant

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